At this time, I recommend using your child's personal QR Badge to log in through Clever. If you need a copy, please contact me via Dojo messenger ( or email me at 

There are three very useful sites available to your child after signing into clever, clicking on Ms. Milom's Class Page, and selecting one of three app links.

MyOn is a reading site that reads stories aloud to students based on their current abilities and interests and allows for comprehension quizzes to be taken afterward. This app will give your student a placement assessment the first time it is used. Dreambox is a math site that allows students to play educational math games based on their current abilities. This site grows with them as their skills improve and also begins by giving your child a placement assessment. Students are already familiar with BrainpopJr. which has short educational videos in many content areas. It includes science, history, reading/writing, health, math, art, and technology. Each video lesson is also accompanied by a comprehension quiz and provides resources such as writing assignments, discussion topics, and games to enhance and apply their new knowledge.
** If you are using dreambox on a phone or tablet, please download the free Dreambox App along with the free Clever App. You will first need to login to Clever using your QR badge, choose Dreambox through our class page, and click on the small Dreambox icon. Click allow and you will be ready for math games! If it prompts you for an additional login, close out of Dreambox and Clever and reopen the Clever app and try signing in again, repeating the above steps. It occasionally messes up on new devices. After you are in, it should take you straight to your child's placement assessment (with first time use) or your child's math map.

Some other amazing websites
For any animal lovers at home..

If you or your child have a PWC library card..   
You can go to this link to access their online digital resources. The students can choose from many books for reading along or watch the book on video.
Step 1. Scroll down to the alphabet and click the letter T.
Step 2. Scroll down again and click on Tumblebooks.
Step 3. You will need to put in you or your child's library card number

Have a history lover at home?

Stories online narrated and animated by celebrities:

Scholastic has a learn at home series that provides learning experiences built around stories or videos.