The Building Services Shop is excited to announce some positive changes that will help us better serve your needs. We are utilizing electronic devices that allow us to not only generate work orders, but also access our work orders, while in the field. This gives us the ability to fulfill your requests in a much more efficient manner. We have also restructured our schedule and crews to allow us to visit your school with more regularity. 

2019-20 Flashing Light Schedule (PDF)

Contact Information 

BEEP Administration (703.791.7221)

Kevin Cox – Administrative Coordinator,
Samantha Lawson – Secretary II,

Building Services Shop (703.791.8567)
Jeff Pearson – Foreman,
Tom Lomax – Crew Chief,

Electric Shop (703.791.7340)
Scott Womble – Foreman,
Roy Wilfong – Crew Chief,

Electronics Shop (703.791.8877)
David Moffett – Foreman,
Eric Huffman – Crew Chief,

Plumbing Shop (703.791.8940)
John O’Shea – Foreman,
Randy Jenkins – Crew Chief,