You can also access Clever through your child's Office365 account.

You can access our ClassDojo page through this link or via the app you already use to access. 

VDOE Mathematics 
Go to Grade 4 to view Mathematics standards and curriculum framework. 

VDOE Reading 
Go to Grade 4 to view Reading standards and curriculum framework.

VDOE Science 
Go to Grade 4 to view Science standards and curriculum framework.

VDOE VA Studies 
Go to Virginia Studies to view VA Studies standards and curriculum framework.

FREE library of content, curriculum, and tools to improve reading comprehension K-12. 

Jefferson Lab
Virginia State Standards of Learning practice tests for Mathematics and Science. Choose "Math 4", the number of questions you'd like to complete, then include your first and last name. 


Into the Book is a wonderful reading comprehension resource for elementary students. It focuses on 8 research-based skills and strategies (Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluation and Synthesizing). Try out the online interactive activities. 

If you are looking for help preparing your child for the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in elementary Social Studies (4th Grade Virginia Studies) and 4th Grade Science, this is the site for you! 

4th Grade Mathematics_Practice Problems
This site is great for students to begin practicing fourth-grade mathematics concepts!

MathAntics is a great site for students to watch and learn new concepts in mathematics. The site includes instructional videos and practice pages to reinforce each lesson!

Splash Math (Includes 8-Week Online SUMMER MATH PROGRAM!)
Splash Math is great for K-5 mathematics practice, at-home instruction, and review, and provides individualized learning for your child.  It is aligned to common core standards to improve mathematics test scores.  Splash Math is offered in multiple themes to make learning fun for your child (Jungle, Ocean, Space, Candy)!  Splash Math can be used on multiple devices such as IPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop, PC, etc.

My Story Maker
My Story Maker is an interactive site for students to create their own digital stories. They can choose their own characters, settings, and topics. Students have endless opportunities to write creatively, as they can change the setting and add details to their stories. Students can preview before they print and share their stories. 

International Children's Digital Library
The multicultural digital library created by the International Children's Library. Students can read books online in 19 different languages from dozens of different countries. Students can search for books by age, level, topic, the color of the cover, length, award winners, and recently added. Books are visually appealing to all levels of readers who can begin reading any story immediately. All text and pictures can be enlarged.