Counselor's News
Instructors: Miss Johnson and Ms. Atkins

Office Hours

Ms. Johnson  Monday - Friday  8:35a.m.-3:35 p.m.

Ms. Atkins Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  8:35a.m.-3:35p.m.

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Community Resources

We miss seeing our LRES families and little Lake Ridge Lions! We're all in this together so we want to provide you with information about some of the community resources as they become available.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at (Diana Johnson) or (Jolie Atkins) if you have any questions or concerns. We will be available to provide virtual consultation support as needed. Please see the attached guidelines regarding our role during this unprecedented time.

Take care, be safe & be pawsitive!


Resource Links

PWCS Family Support during Distance Learning (2).docx
Local Resources for COVID 19.docx
Regulation 651-2 - Confidentiality of Student-Disclosed Information

Welcome Announcement to New Students 

Welcome to our New Lake Ridge Lions. We are looking forward to meeting you soon virtually!

Also want to welcome back our returning students and families. Hope you are looking forward to starting another exciting school year!!!

Virtual Schoolhouse Schedule
Coming Soon!!!

Stay Tuned for LRES
Virtual Attendance Spirit Weeks in 2020

LRES Attendance Spirit Weeks

Our LRES Attendance Spirit Weeks are a great way to celebrate good attendance. Every day equals a new learning opportunity in which we are so excited for your child to be a part of.
Stay tuned to hear more as each day we will do different things to recognize these special weeks. Hopefully, everyone will join in on the fun!

Tips for Virtual Academic Success

Be Positive
Be Kind to Others
Get Plenty of Rest
Be flexible
Try Your Best
Take Brain Breaks 
Eat Healthy Snacks
Stretch/ Exercise
Go for a Walk in the Yard
Take Deep Breaths
Think Happy Thoughts
Ask for Help if You Need It
Create a Personalized Study Area
(good lighting helps and you can add your own pictures)

Special Announcement
Rising Sixth Graders

To all of our fifth graders, we want you to know how proud we are of you and what you have accomplished so far!  We know you are probably getting very excited about moving onto middle school next year.
  Please scroll down to our Middle School Folder below to find some important information from Lake Ridge Middle School. You will get a glance at what the schedule will look like, available extracurricular activities, fun incentives and more. 
Stay tuned to your Class Dojo pages for the most updated information. Good news you will also be able to find your LRMS Counseling Department on Twitter.
  Please read about the upcoming information meeting sponsored by the LRMS Music Department and other important information in the LRMS Wolf Pack Smores Newsletter below: